Nicolò Ongaro

I was born in Trieste, Italy, on the 8th of October 1987. I’ve always had two main passions: ocean and photography. My biggest ambition has always been to become a professional underwater photographer. In order to achieve it, I had to acquire proper skills in both fields. And this is how my story begins. grew up in Milan, but I decided to go back to my hometown to study Marine Biology. During my studies I started working as a scientific popularizer at the Miramare Marine Protected Area (WWF), where I met my girlfriend Karin. After gaining experience as a snorkeling guide, I realized University wasn’t the right path for me. Therefore, instead of pursuing an academic career, in Autumn 2009 I preferred to leave Italy, to attend my PADI Divemaster training in Las Galeras, Samaná, Dominican Republic (meanwhile the Haiti Earthquake occurred; it was January 12th, 2010). As a Scuba Dive Leader I came back to Trieste, to work one last season for the WWF. In autumn of the same year, Karin and I moved to Brisbane, Australia. I embraced the challenge of the Instructor Development Course, and soon after it I begun my diving instructor career with Brisbane Dive Academy at first and later with Pro Dive Cairns.

The following year I continued working as a Scuba Instructor, but this time in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Risky working conditions due to unreliable colleagues made me shorten this chapter in favour of a new one: professional photography. Thus, in January 2012 we moved to Lanzarote, Canary Islands. During the first year, I was trained to shoot by the biggest photography company in the Canaries, specializing in portraits. Since I was particularly keen on following my point of view and inspiration, I decided to set up my own Ltd. I learnt a lot but it wasn’t enough, and Lanzarote could not offer me the education I needed. Consequently, in Autumn 2013 I enrolled in GrisArt Escola Internacional de Fotografia. Its fresh approach and outstanding teachers completely changed my view, knowledge and technical skills. During my final year in Grisart, I took up a project on plastic pollution in the marine environment, entitled Plastic Wave. Cooperating with Dr. Marta Bolgan, I had the chance to travel to Ireland to create a multimedia aimed at raising awareness about this major issue. I still live and work in Barcelona and surroundings, both as a photographer and Scuba Dive Instructor, cooperating with Andrea’s Diving in Tossa de Mar. Who knows what’s going to happen next…